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PTSD Assistance Dogs for Veterans

PTSD Assistance Dogs help those living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Better Together (BTTA) offers a specially customized training program for each individual Veteran.


PTSD Dogs are trained to:

* Provide companionship and pressure therapy.

* Interrupt panic attacks/nervous behaviors, such as repetitive behavior or reminding the handler to take medication. 

* Assisting handler to cope with emotional overload.

* Instill a sense of security and emotional uplifting in public and at home.  

* Seek help in emergencies (such as notifying spouse or family member)​.

* Retrieving objects.

* Guiding handler from stressful situations.

* Preventing people from crowding around or rushing up behind in public places providing a comfortable space.

* Perform environmental assessment (to ease paranoia).


(Note: Dogs in public usually attract people, so part of the journey with your dog is to reintegrate yourself in society through them, redirecting attention from the handler towards the dog. You will learn how to redirect people from approaching, but still educate and converse with the public).

If you have PTSD, but are not a Military Veteran, click the arrow to redirect to Psychiatric Assistance Dogs: 

Professionally trained PTSD Dogs provide calming therapy, a sense of security, redirect behaviors, and even promote physical exercise that can make a positive difference to someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Obtaining a PTSD Dog can positively change the life of, not only the Veteran, but his or her family as well.


PTSD Assistance Dogs are considered a Psychiatric Assistance/Service Dog and is individually trained to perform tasks that mitigate their handler's disability. Training may include providing a detailed description of your daily routine and how an Assistance Dog can benefit you. (Violent/anger actions triggered from panic attacks or paranoia will not be candidates for the safety of the dog/handler). 


Below is a list of additional benefits PTSD Assistance Dog are capable of performing that may come natural to your dog's instinct, but is not specifically trained: 

* Lower blood pressure

* Aid with episodes of depression

* Adjust serotonin levels

​* Wake up from night terrors

Schedule a FREE consultation if you are interested in obtaining a PTSD Dog. If you would like to use your own dog, an assessment will be made to ensure they have all of the qualifications necessary, or your trainer will assist in the selection of a dog from a shelter, rescue, or responsible breeder!  

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